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Is your home fit to sell?

Viewing homes all the time gets my OCD boiling.  It's one part of my job I have a love/hate relationship with.  I love it because I get to see the look on people's faces when they walk through the door while viewing current homes for sale.  I usually know instantly if whether my clients may be calling it their new home or not.  Their body language and emotions are raging!  Knowing that I am part of that makes me giddy.

However, the part that I hate is scrolling and/or physically looking through a home and my heart aches because I know it's not sold or will not sell at the current market value because of the shape its in or the color they chose.  My heart aches for that homeowner because A - they probably know that but, they don't have the skills or money to fix it or B - they may have another professional who never took the time to tell them they needed to change it.  Staging is huge with me so I can help you showcase what really matters to the eye at the time of a one…
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Senior Night

Let's face it, having a teenager is hard!  When I think back at the toddler years, there's nothing that I wouldn't take back.  The moment school started this year was the moment I knew this year would be tough.  Tougher than the tantrums in Wal-Mart.  Tougher than cleaning up puke off the floor or poop head to toe.  Tougher than sleepless crying baby nights.  My baby boy will be out of the house in approximately 6 months and there's nothing this mamma can do to stop it!  It's not only an empty feeling but, an emotional feeling of excitement because I know he will stride in whatever he does.

Last week was one of my son's final countdowns.  Final because this will be one of the times where he will no longer play on the football field with his high school teammates. Final because it's closer to him being gone.  For as emotional as I thought I'd be, I actually enjoyed putting together some of the things for his Senior Night.  Probably because I am way proud…

A Wing and a Prayer

Today was a day I knew I'd meet some extra ordinary people because I had paid my $35 to have lunch with other like minds at this networking event for women in the Metro.  However,  I thought to myself, "there's going to be the same people there with the same sales pitch..yadayadayada.  They are just going to offer me the same conversation or sale me the same thing.  Just another event with realtors, lenders, and insurance agents."  Anyone else feel that they have this little negative person sitting on their shoulder trying to talk them out of doing something?  I began to think that the only real excitement for me was really the fact that I was going to support a local charity.  With every ticket purchased, donations of undergarments and make-up was going to be delivered to help woman all across the metro who were less fortunate to be be prepared in the professional world.  What better way than to bless others! Since I had previously signed up and had my ticket in han…


Wow, has it really been since January?  I thought when I started this blog I would be writing things daily or at least weekly.  I really need to start doing this more often instead of just photographing my journey though Instagram.   Since January, my family has sold our custom built home, remodeled a new one, swam in our new pool, celebrated three more birthdays, and started some new things.  I even won "Rookie of the Year" and received the Bronze Award, established more relationships with new clients, and sold more homes!  I can't believe I didn't blog about any of it!!  Maybe today this is God's way to ask me to write out my prayers?  OR maybe it's just bringing my old self to life?  Either way, here goes...

Today it's 80 something degrees, windy, and humid!  However, it's supposed to drop in the 60s and my son is supposed to play in one of his last football games far away from home in Guymon, Oklahoma.  Last because he's a senior and this will…

Fear Not

Recently this past year on a hot Summer day there was something that was tugging at my heart.  My hair was a mess, my mind was scattered, and all I could think about before leaving my garage was fear.  I was on my way to prepare and then go to a listing appointment.  I am the type of person who lacks a little self confidence but, remembering this day was very vivid to me in the sense that I knew exactly what I was doing.  I'd been in real estate for a while and was ready to conquer the world.  There must have been a miracle the Lord was working that day because there was no way I thought I could do a live video of myself while thinking of something so small...FEAR!  Taking my first step and diving into something where I may feel embarrassed or may have to take some criticism was very scary to me.  However, praise Jesus I did it!  Here's just a short video of what fear looked like to me on that hot Summer day:

'Til then,

Go, Go, Go

Wine and Chocolate

Christmas has came and gone but with the new year there's always a time for celebration.  A celebration with someone you love.  What a perfect way to enjoy a bottle of wine and your favorite kind of chocolate on Valentine's Day .

These are some new wine bottle creations I made myself for some of my past clients and colleagues this past year in real estate for Christmas.  They were really easy to make. And can even be made for children's drinks as well using sparkling cider and fun sprinkles.

Here's what you're going to need:

New and Fresh

It's been two years since I've put fingers to the keyboard and wrote about anything remotely OCD.  As most of my followers know, I used to be a middle class citizen who took saving money, reusing, and thrifting (is that even a word?) to a hobby level.  I even used to write a blog about some of my ventures.  This was something I enjoyed doing but is now so I'm confused on how to keep my "Are you OCD" blogspot going since I've somehow lost my memory.  I guess the older you get, the more you have to put your pencil to a piece of paper and write everything down. Yes, it's true friends.  You really do start forgetting things!

So, I'm on a quest to get this one running and keep it going with a bang!  In the meantime, look at some of my previous posts from years ago and watch how my mind changes from then to now.  Because, I'm well you know...OCD!  Enjoy.

"Are you OCD?" or "Are you OCD?"

'Til then,

Stay New…